Anyone who works with tools on a regular basis knows just how important a good toolbox is.  Being able to sort through your tools quickly and easily and find what you’re looking for is essential in making sure that you’re always working efficiently.

Different brands of toolboxes will offer different pros and cons, and there are many different kinds of toolboxes out there.  Here are just a few of the best toolbox manufacturers on the market.


CAT has been known for quite some time for the quality of their toolboxes.  They offer a wide variety of different types of boxes that come in many shapes and sizes.  Their wide door cabinets are some of their most popular, as they can store a whole bunch of tools that can be organized easily.


Excel tends to specialize in drawer and handheld toolboxes.  Most of their drawer cabinets are on rollers, which means that, although they’re rather big and heavy, they can be moved with relative ease.

You’ll find many of their drawer cabinets at auto shops and many of their handheld toolboxes on construction sites.


Waterloo tool boxes

Waterloo tool boxes often offer the best of both worlds.  Their drawer cabinets tend to be light and compact while still offering a great amount of storage.  Most of their drawer cabinets also come on roller wheels, making them some of the most mobile cabinets around.

Their handheld boxes are often made out of a durable plastic, which makes them very easy to carry around, although they do also offer some metal handhelds.

Ultimately, whichever toolbox you choose to go with is going to be based upon your personal preference, but there is definitely a reason that these brands offer some of the most popular boxes on the market.